I chose to take my inspiration from the Tashima Museum established in 2010 on the island of Tashima in the inner sea Sto in Japan where the works of artist Ray Naito and architect Rio Nishizawa are displayed. It is a 60-meter drop shaped concrete structure with no support pillars. The building was designed by Rio Nishizawa specifically to house Ray Naito’s work called Matrix.
The work contains : air, light and drops of groundwater that rise to the surface in a perpetual game that defines a special meditation space. The water flows and small accumulating puddles slowly flow down the slight slope of the floor and unite with a larger puddle under the openings in the ceiling. You feel as though you are between heaven and water. The droplets are in a random form, seem to be dancing on the floor and guided by the wind that penetrates the structure through two oval openings in the ceiling that also provide the lighting. The drops re ect the sky and nature seen through the openings.
I wanted to take inspiration from all these feelings and try to convey them through the project while preserving the motif of the course of the white shirt.

The aim of my designs was to represent the elliptical structure design and the openings as well as the transparency of the water and the trees outside that can be seen thorough the openings. I tried to preserve the clean design of the building and its minimalism while keeping in mind the basics of the white dress shirt.

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