Tribal aesthetics are immortal inspired by the world of fashion, cinema, art and music. Ethnic tribes are a significant part of image and style design. Ethnic influence is strengthened by the wave of migration from the Third World to the West, creating a new wave of intercultural contacts.

The Ethnic group I chose to take inspiration from is the black community in Harlem, I was drown to this group following an artical I read about an estimation that in a few years the black community in Harlem will disapear due to the gentri cation process of social urban population across the middle and upper classes in disadvantaged neighborhoods resulting in a continuous change of the neighborhood characteristics.
Further more I focused on hip-hop and unique dress styles that began by African Americans in New York and Harlem in particular. In Harlem it was customary to wear Adidas and Nike sports jacket which had top and bottom sections compatible with different colors combinetions and logos.
An outdoor appearance called “fresh” and described a new appearance from the box is invested and fashionable.
On the other hand, the “white” pepole used to wear suits affected by force dressing, pinstripes, double-button suits also returned to fashion.
In addition, at that time Daniel Day had a store in harlem called dapper dan and was selling custom-made clothing for all hip-hop artists, he would use fabrics with fake Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Fendi prints and gave them his own personal touch. He was the rst to bring designer clothes into the context of street fashion.
The article stated that the process of gentri cation starts by opening of commercial brand stores. I chose to brand the collection with a logo that combines the name of the style of clothing back at the 80’s “fresh” with the logo of the fast food chain subway.

In my designs I wanted to create a combination of the two types of jackets that characterize the process of gentrification in Harlem at the 80’s and early 90’s, the Harlem sports jacket and the tailored jacket of the white businessmen taking over the neighborhood. All this in keeping the silhouette of the 80’s patterns style .
Also incorporating the print with the logo of the rider.

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