The course goal is to incourage understanding and better control of our “volume botton” as designers. We learned how to take an avangarde design and convert it to a mass production design both in terms of cost and design. The course was tought in coloboration with the designer Ronen Chen and we were asked to design the mass production models for him and his customer. The project was done in pairs.

Our inspiration for this project was preservation processes. One of the “immortal medusa” which never dies and regenerates her life cycle over and over again which is a natural preservation process and another artificial preservation process called Diaphonization and is used to preserve animals after their death for research purposes. The preservation process causes the animal body parts to become transparent and then colour is injected to make the look alive. The two preservation processes reminded us of preservation processes in the world of fashion and about the iconic items of clothing that are being used every season and adapted to the latest trends like trench coats, leather coat and jeans. we tried to identify the basis of those items and what symbolises them when they are not in their basic form. We chose to focus on the trench and leather coats as iconic items that we will preserve and apply on them the artificial preservation process which means to make them transparent and then inject colour between the layers in the areas that represent the basis of those items. For the colour palette we relied on the artificial preservation process colours. The design process focused on identifying the layers, injecting colour and productising while maintaining the same colour palette and materials including use of colour to mark details.

In the designs I wanted to give expression to the beauty of the jellyfish and its shape, as well as to the decomposition into layers and transparentcy, each part of the skeleton received a layer of its own, to which a color was applied to symbolize the skeleton.
In the transition to BASIC, you keep the skeleton mark while inserting paint. During the process I experienced the decomposition of several iconic items and ended up chosing the trench coat and leather coat icons.

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