Keren Chernov
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Fasion Designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel
I'm in my third year of studies towards a bachlor's in fashion design at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art  Ramat Gan, Israel.
My main influences are art and graphic design. I derive Inspiration for my designs from nature and human behavior by observing the people I meet and unique cultures I run into. I'm a curios person, researching every detail to the bottom until I create new textures, shapes and color combinations.
All the projects on this website are designed by me in all respects including pattern making, printing, sewing, illustrating, embroidering and other fabric manipulations. They all come as a result of a long process of finding and creating my own world of inspirations.


For enquiry or collaboration, please contact :

PHONE NUMBER / +972 54 427 78 78

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